How to find the right doctor for you, especially for long term treatment

The only way to find the right doctor for you is to see the doctor face to face and answer the following questions for yourself:

1. Does the doctor answer your questions fully to your satisfaction?

2. Does the doctor answer ALL your questions to your satisfaction?

3. Do you trust the doctor to treat your problems?

4. Do you like the doctor?
5. Do you think the doctor understands you?
If you have a lot to tell the doctor, its a great idea to put it on paper in a legible way or type it out and take it with you. This will save a lot of time and give you the opportunity to evaluate the doctor on the above points. Include your:
1. current symptoms
2. what medications you are currently on
3. what you have tried and what works and what doesn’t
4. a brief medical history
5. what questions you have for the doctor
Also take a copy of all your test results. Present all of this in a neat and organised manner to save you time.