Enchanting Period and Austen films

Here is a review of my top romantic period / Austen based films and TV series. They are overall very light, sweet and charming. A perfect pick me up. They warm the soul.

One – Pride and Prejudice BBC TV series

This top BBC series with excellent acting is wonderful and engaging. I may have watched it around 20-30 times. Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth is brilliant. Not for those who prefer more modern styled films. For them, see the next one.


Two – Pride and Prejudice (2005) movie with Keira Knightley

After watching the BBC series this movie took a little getting used to but it has grown on me so well. I love it. The music score and breathtaking cinematography really are wonderful and the ending superb.


Three – Northanger Abbey movie


Four – Persuasion (1995) movie

Persuasion1995cover (1)

Five- Doctor Thorne

doctor thorne

Seven – Persuasion (2007) movie


Six- Emma (1996) movie


Eight – Emma (2009) BBC TV series


Nine – Miss Potter (2006) movie with Renee Zellweger